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Basement Blues – with Mike Legett & Heather Adams

June 18th, 2008
Basement Blues – with Mike Legett & Heather Adams
Summertime special mini-workshop&dance
Wednesday July 2nd 7- 11 PM

7-8 PM Essential Blues – pre-intermediate/beginner class that will get you warmed up if you’ve danced blues before, and give you the introduction you need if you haven’t.

8-9 PM Smooth or Gritty, it’s Blues – Explore the variety and many moods of Blues. If you’re already experienced in Blues, add to your connection and comfort on the floor, and if you’ve never tried Blues, this is an excellent follow-up to the first class.

9-11 PM Dance to DJ Heather Adams sets after class and practice what you’ve learned. Heather is a sought after DJ in and out of the Southeast. She alone will be worth your evening.

Pricing: $15 1 class + dance
$25 2 classes + dance
$5 dance only Location TBA

You must reserve your spot, or there may not be room. Contact Jered at with subject “Basement Blues” to reserve your spot – it’s like a final round of poker, you’re all-in or you fold. Be sure to register by Tuesday June 24th.

If you’ve never seen or tried Blues dancing, you’re in for a treat. Blues dancing is as expressive and varied as Blues music.
- Whether you would prefer the gritty juke joint flavor or the smooth luxurious romantic tunes this dance is for you.
- If you’ve ever heard ANY song of ANY style that you wished you could dance to, but didn’t know steps to match, then Blues dancing is your Answer.
- If you enjoy connecting with a dance partner or feeling music together then Blues dance is what you need to enrich your connection.
- If you have trouble memorizing step patterns then you will love the freedom of Blues dance.
- And Guys! If you want to wow or woo a date with dance but she doesn’t know all your steps, then Blues dance gives you the tools.
Check out the following Video examples of Blues dance. Don’t watch just one, there is a lot of variety.


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